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Metal Dectecting Places

Metal Detecting is Easy

Finding New Places that are Old & Forgotten is the Tricky Part…

I quickly learned about 6 months after I started metal detecting that I need to do something different. I have hunted the beaches, hunted all kinds of parks and every school yard within 30 miles, I want to hunt something different. I wanted to hunt something really old; I want to hunt somewhere that would give me the chance to find something worth bragging about on all the Social Media outlets. I wanted to find relics that have a story.

I was so tired of reading and seeing all the pictures on Facebook and other social media outlets about these great finds from the 1800’s or even older, why can’t I dig up something like what other people seem to be finding?

So I started researching about old places and the history right here in my own zip code, I was shocked at what I was quickly learning about my own city. I couldn't believe how much history had taken place within a few miles from my own front porch. Even though I grew up here, I most have forgotten about all the land marks that I have passed by over the last 40 years, tunnel vision as most would call it.

After I took some time and did the research I was amazed at how easy it is to find hidden or forgotten places in any zip code. Once I started posting on the Social Media sites about all the older and interesting areas I am finding to go and hunt, I was quickly being asked to help locate places for other people in their zip codes.

With all the information that is available online for research to each and every one of us, it’s a wonder we are all not digging up relics to submit to a the local historian societies or even better, posting them online to sell for some serious cash.

I am getting more and more request on a daily basis to help others find new locations to go out and hunt where they live. So I have decided to put together a “How to Guide” eBook. This eBook will easily explain and help anyone who wants to find new treasure hunting places; just maybe some great stories will come from this.

All the tools and resources that I use when finding new locations for metal detecting are available online and they are all free for anyone of us to use.

I do have a process or a step by step guideline that I use for each new search. There are several free online interactive tools that when used together they can easily show the locations of where old homes or structures once stood. Once you know the history and the locations of these new places, you will be able to quickly spot them on any map or even from the side of the road.

I will say this, not all zip codes will have some great historical battle field where George Washington may have stood and ordered his troops into battle. Also not every zip code will have some old miner’s camp or stone house from the 1800’s where the old miners once slept or stored their mining tools and gold treasures.

But every zip code has a story to tell from our past.

If you will be patient, do your research and learn how to use the free tools that I explain in this eBook, you will uncover some very interesting and older sites to go out and hunt on your next metal detecting adventure.

Let’s get started…

If you need to contact me the best and quickest way is to message me on my Facebook page.

What you jsut read is the Intro to my eBook. In my eBook that is just over 6000 easy to read words, I explain step by step on how to find Old and Hidden Locations in any Zip Code here in the US.  If you follow my easy steps, I will show you how to use several free online interactive tools. So that the next time you go Metal Detecting you will be hunting on some of the oldest and forgotten locations in your area. Once you have ordered your new eBook you will be redirected and your eBook will download. Make sure once you are on the new download page that click on the downloand buttin in the bottom right of your PDF ebook. 






West of Fargo 1897  

 Jurupa Valley, CA  

Sunfield, MI  

Albany, KY  

Ionia, MI  

Guadalupe, CA



General George S. Patton Jr's Kings Throne

The Throne Just off the 10 on BLM...

latitude and longitude:  33.547230, -115.488744